'Super Street Fighter 4' Character Guide - Cody

Cody Character Shot

Cody is one of the two "Final Fight" coin-op brawlers who appear in "Super Street Fighter 4." Despite his advanced age (his knees seem fine now, FYI), Cody can still brawl with the best, able to knock down even the mighty Zangief with his signature Criminal Upper special attack. Just don't expect to do the same against the similarly muscled Hagar -- dude still hasn't appeared in a "Street Fighter" game for whatever reason.

Move Key

Forward [F]

Back [B]

Down Back [DB]

Down Forward [DF]

Up [U]

Quarter Circle [90]

Back Quarter Circle [-90]

Forward Half-Circle [180]

Back Half-Circle [-180]

Full Circle [360]

Special Moves

Bad Stone - Motion [D] [90] + Punch (not possible when holding knife, hold Punch for increased power)

Criminal Upper - Motion [D] [-90]

Ruffian Kick - Motion [D] [90] + Kick

Zonk Knuckle - Punch (charge and release)

Super Combo

Dead End Irony - Motion [D] [90] Motion [D] 90 + Kick

Ultra Combo

Final Destruction - Motion [D] [90] Motion [D] [90] + Punch Punch Punch

Last Dread Dust - Motion [D] [-90] Motion [D] [-90] + Punch Punch Punch


Cody, a "Final Fight" veteran turned "Street Fighter" brawler, rues his part in ridding Metro City of its gangs and mad men. It's easy to sympathize. In exchange for his vigilance the city slammed iron shackles onto his wrists. Strangely, Cody doesn't have plans to re-establish his heroic identity in the "Street Fighter" tournament. He only wants a shot at Guy, his former partner and fighting antithesis.

Cody possesses superb strength and a diverse range of simple moves. He also has one of the most unique attacks in the game: he can pick up a knife from the floor of the arena and shred opponents.

Be mindful of Cody's air and speed handicaps (use Ruffian Kick to knock high-fliers to the floor) and always capitalize on his "hold" moves. The most important ones, his Zonk Knuckle (a charged punch) and Bad Stone, are great surprise or change of pace attacks that can put the screws to unsuspecting opponents, leaving them open to a variety of follow-up combinations. Remember the knife: it changes his basic attacks and morphs Bad Stone from a slow, arcing projectile attack into a quick, health-depleting knife toss.

But above all, don't be afraid to rotate moves and pin opponents. Cody seems limited in his list, but he's a solid "poke"-man and a strong brawler.

Need information on other new characters? Stay tuned. Over the next few days we'll do more guides on the rest of the fresh entrants in "Super Street Fighter 4."