'Gears Of War 3' Writer Is Noted 'Star Wars' Author Karen Traviss

One of the big news items today is that the "Gears of War 3" writer has been revealed: Karen Traviss. The news comes from Meristation's recent interview with Cliff Blezsinski (via VG247). Traviss has actually written two "Gears of War" novels -- and is down for a third, "Anvil Gate" -- but that's not why yours truly, MTV's Movies Blog editor, is here to rave on Multiplayer today.

Traviss also wrote a number of notable "Star Wars" novels set within the Expanded Universe. In fact, she is chiefly responsible for characterizations of the EU's warrior race of Mandalorians -- the folks who wear armor like Boba Fett's -- from her work on the "Republic Commando" and now-canceled "Imperial Commando" book series'. That second line was removed from the "Star Wars" EU dockets when it was decided that the picture painted by Traviss would interfere with the Mandalorian continuity being established on the "Clone Wars" TV series. There's a point to all this to bring us back to "Gears": Traviss is perfect.

What stands out most about her work on "Star Wars" is the way she brought the rank-and-file Clone Troopers and Mandalorians to life. She worked up a rich culture for the warrior race, a long history of nomadic traditions and honorable combat that she deftly used to help shape the attitudes of the various characters in the present-day of the story being told.

"Star Wars" fans' loss is "Gears of War" fans' gain. I've not read the "Gears" books, but I'm guessing she tapped into a similar place in creating that story. The third outing for the series will be all the better for her writing; fans of Marcus Fenix and company should be very excited indeed.