'Green Day: Rock Band' DLC Only Includes Available Tracks For Now

Green Day: Rock Band

The full track list for "Green Day: Rock Band" became official yesterday, and the group's Dookie, American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown albums got the most attention. Part of the announcement included DLC tracks that "Rock Band 2" players may recognize, however, leading some astute readers to wonder if original DLC tracks are in the works as well. At the moment, it sounds like the answer is no.

"In ['Green Day: Rock Band'] we're taking a different approach to performances: We're building these crafted, linear sequences," project lead Chris Foster told Plastic Axe. "One of the reasons we could do open-ended DLC for ['The Beatles: Rock Band'] is that it's all tiny clips, and we could just reconfigure them for different songs as needed — and dreamscape backgrounds similarly had that."

Green Day's "Rock Band" became a different type of project as the game progressed and demanded a new approach.

"With this, we're really creating sculpted experiences for every single song; there's an animation that plays all the way through, pretty much," he explained. "That's something that's not really practical to do open-ended. So we decided we were going to make DLC just about finishing 21st Century Breakdown, using the DLC that was already out."

That means new DLC probably won't show up soon, if at all, so enjoy what you get with the initial offering. Those of us with candles burning for "Christie Road" will keep them lit though.

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