'Super Street Fighter 4' Character Guide - Juri

Juri Character Shot

Juri is one of the two totally brand new characters created for "Super Street Fighter 4." She's sultry, she's tough, and she's a brutal kicker that doesn't mind toying with her enemies before putting the finishing touches on them. If you'll allow us to stay surface-level for just a bit longer, take note of her crazy eye. It's a boosting device implanted in her by S.I.N. that feeds into her Ultra. But more important than that even is the fact that using her is like fiddling with a less-messy and less-ugly version of "Mortal Kombat" star Kano.

Move Key

Forward [F]

Back [B]

Up [U]

Down [D]

Quarter Circle Forward [90]

Quarter Circle Back [-90]

Half-Circle Forward [180]

Back Half-Circle Back [-180]

Circle Forward [360]

Full Circle Back [-360]

Special Moves

Fuhajin - [D] [90] + Kick

Shikusen - [D] [-90] + Kick (in air)

Shikusen to 2nd Impact - [D] + Kick, [R] Kick (in air) (during it or block)

Shikusen to 2nd Impact to 3rd Strike - [D] + Kick ,[R] Kick, [R] Kick (in air) (during it or block)

Senpusha - [D] [-90] + Kick

Kasatushi - [D] [-90] + Punch (only against certain attacks)

Super Combo

Fuharenjin - Motion [D] [-90] Motion [D] [-90] + Kick

Ultra Combo

Fen Shui Engine - Motion [D] [90] Motion [D] [90] + Punch Punch Punch

Kaisen Dankairaku - Motion [D] [90] Motion [D] [90] + Kick Kick Kick


Hidden behind Juri's sensual persona is a clever, yet vicious pony-tailed animal. She enters into the tournament because her "assignments" of late are unchallenging. In her words, sinking her teeth into opponents in a no-holds barred tournament is "just what every girl wants."

Unlike pleasure-seeker Ibuki, though, Juri's teeth are sharp: Juri is a fast and capable fighter with borderland bad defense, flowing special attacks, and a neat kick-based projectile (Fuhajin) that can shear through opponents and rattle fluidity.

The key to using Juri is to remember that she's at her best when adapting to various combat situations. Knock opponents from the air at every opportunity, and keep opponents at a leg's distance where her powerful Shiukusen kick moves can be used to their fullest effect. Don't be afraid to get low, either. Her decent reach coupled with blasting sweep moves can be a big boost in battle alongside her Ultra Fen Shui Engine, which feeds even power into the spry combatant.

Need information on other new characters? Stay tuned. Over the next few days we'll do more guides on the rest of the fresh entrants in "Super Street Fighter 4."

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