'Super Street Fighter 4' Character Guide - Ibuki


Like Dudley, "Super Street Fighter 4" ninja Ibuki has her share of ravenous fans. But unlike Dudley, she doesn't get her picture on the game's box art. Perhaps part of that reason is due to her bland, tan, and masked getup that hasn't changed much since her days in "Street Fighter 3." Or, just maybe, it's because she's one of the hardest characters to master in this latest iteration.

Move Key

Forward [F]

Back [B]

Up [U]

Down [D]

Quarter Circle Forward [90]

Quarter Circle Back [-90]

Half-Circle Forward [180]

Back Half-Circle Back [-180]

Circle Forward [360]

Full Circle Back [-360]

Special Moves

Kunai - Motion [D] [90] + Punch (while in air; follow with Kasumi Suzaku in descent)

Tsuijigoe - Motion [F] [DB] [D] [F] + Punch (follow up w/ Kunai or Kasumi Suzaku possible at apex of jump arc)

Neck Breaker - Motion [B] [180] + Punch

Raida - Motion [F] [-180] + Punch

Kasumi Gake - Motion [D] [90] + Kick

Kazegirl - Motion [F] [DB] [D] [F] + Kick (EX version can be followed up with Kunai)

Tsumuji - Motion [D] [-90] + Kick

Tsumuji to Following Attack - Motion [D] [-90] + Kick to Kick, OR [D] + Kick

Hien - Motion [B] [DF] [B] + Kick (follow up w/ Kunai or Kasumi Suzaku during downward arc after attack)

Super Combo

Kasumi Suzaku - Motion [D] [90] Motion [D] [90] + Punch

Ultra Combo

Yoroitoshi - Motion [F] [-180] Motion [F] [-180] + Punch Punch Punch

Hashinsho - Motion [D] [90] Motion [D] [90] + Kick Kick Kick


A bubbly and wild teenage ninja (with age-appropriate attire that shows just a triangle of outer and inner waist), Ibuki chooses to enter into the tournament to scope out possible boyfriends. Her silly demeanor betrays the fact that she is one of the more complex characters in "Super Street Fighter 4." As others have said before about the girl, you'll have to have a strong understanding of each character's moves and abilities before truly coming to grips with what the weak, yet versatile Ibuki has to offer.

Kunai, an aerial crossways dart throw, is an excellent evasion tool and a decent combo opener. In fact, most of her moves should be used with a mind to combo. Be a chess player, think about the next three or four moves and don't be afraid to get wild with Tsumuji chains or to bounce out of dodge ... a lot. Ibuki can jump and fly with the best and her weak defense makes this a select strategy. Just stay out of the way, poke, and keep your eyes peeled for combo opportunities.

Need information on other new characters? Stay tuned. Over the next few days we'll do more guides on the rest of the fresh entrants in "Super Street Fighter 4."