'Super Street Fighter 4' Character Guide - Dudley


Former "Street Fighter 3" brawler Dudley is a fan favorite. In fact, he's so well liked by the series' outspoken faithful, his mug now dons the "Super Street Fighter 4" box art. After taking a good and long look at the boxer for his "SSF4" character guide we've come to understand what all the buzz is about -- and it has nothing to do with his adorable mustache.

Move Key

Forward [F]

Back [B]

Up [U]

Down [D]

Quarter Circle Forward [90]

Quarter Circle Back [-90]

Half-Circle Forward [180]

Back Half-Circle Back [-180]

Circle Forward [360]

Full Circle Back [-360]

Special Moves

Jet Upper - Motion [F] [DB] [D] [F] + Punch

Machinegun Blow - Motion [B] [180] + Punch

Cross Counter (only against certain attacks) - Motion [F] [-180] + Punch

Short Swing Blow - Motion [F] [-180] + Kick

Duck to Ducking Straight - Motion [B] [180] + Kick, Punch

Duck to Ducking Upper - Motion [B] [180] + Kick, Kick

Thunderbolt - Charge [D], [U] + Kick

Super Combo

Rocket Upper - [D] [90] [D] [90] + Punch

Ultra Combo

Rolling Thunder - [D] [90] [D] [90] + Kick Kick Kick

Corkscrew Cross - [D] [90] [D] [90] + Punch Punch Punch


Soft green bow ties, trimmed curlicue mustaches, and blocky physiques can carry a man only so far into a "Street Fighter" tournament. It's a good thing that Dudley has an external motivator: a garden that lacks. The gentleman boxer believes his travels around the world could net him more prized roses, but you'll find it hard to give him the aid if you don't understand one fact: Dudley is strong, but he's not a bull like Balrog or a bear like Zangief. He's a decent mix.

Dudley can't jump well or deploy good ranged attacks, so stay on the ground and make double sure to keep in foes' faces with the dash move Duck or Whirlwind. If the action gets too hot up close, deploy Cross Counter, a horizontal counter move that puts opponents on the ground. Or, if his counter is useless (it doesn't work with all attacks), use his long-reaching and useful sweeps to put down aggressive enemies.

When things are going in your favor, use Machinegun Blow to set up combos and move into an Ultra. Pound away with a Thunderbolt -- a pseudo-teleport attack -- to catch foes off-guard. It's fast, and even useful against turtles. But always remember: the lightning flash blows of Short Swing Blow is your friend. Spam it.

Need information on other new characters? Stay tuned. Over the next few days we'll do more guides on the rest of the fresh entrants in "Super Street Fighter 4."