'Super Street Fighter 4' Character Guide - Makoto

Makoto Character Shot

"Street Fighter 4" emerged as a triumphant follow-up to a franchise that many believed had lost its steam with modern consumers. Brazen as it was striking with its ink-laced art and animation, "SF4" fed off pent-up nostalgia by featuring a cast of nearly dozens of hallmark characters. The upcoming iteration, "Super Street Fighter IV," includes that rotation. But it also expands on it, bringing the roster to a hearty 35 characters in total.

Learning about these ten new characters is quintessential to success, and pivotal in the battle against preserving the structural integrity of your controllers. Because we care (on both fronts), we’ve decided to strip down all ten characters, revealing their special moves, combos, personality quirks, and basic strengths and weaknesses.

This is your first of ten guides for the new characters. This one focusing on former "Street Fighter 3" pugilist and heavyweight pounder, Makoto.

Move Key

Forward [F]

Back [B]

Up [U]

Down [D]

Quarter Circle Forward [90]

Quarter Circle Back [-90]

Half-Circle Forward [180]

Back Half-Circle Back [-180]

Circle Forward [360]

Full Circle Back [-360]

Special Moves

Fukiage - Motion [F] [DF] [D] [F] + Punch

Hayate - Motion [D] [90] + Punch (hold Punch for more Power, Kick to cancel)

Oroshi - Motion [D] [-90] + Punch

Karakusa - Motion [F] [-180] + Kick

Tsurugi - Motion [D] [-90] + Kick (during vertical or forward jump)

Super Combo

Tanden Renki - Motion [D] [90] Motion [D] [90] + Punch (temporary power boost)

Ultra Combo

Seichusen Godanzuki - Motion [D] [90] Motion [D] [90] + Punch Punch Punch

Abare Tosanami - Motion [D] [90] Motion [D] [90] + Kick Kick Kick


Makoto, an earthy karate master with simple tastes, wants to rebuild her dojo. It's in a terrible state, its rotted wood snapping and bowing before her eyes. She believes winning this next tournament will get net her the money necessary fix it.

A mix of decent speed and power, Makoto can be used as an all-out offensive character or a defensive jerk -- it's your choice (but we prefer the turtle route).

Lure your opponents in to use her use slaps or grapples like Oroshi and Karakusa or dash ahead with Hayate and push you opponents across the screen. Be weary of super offensive grapplers like Zangief or high-fliers like Ibuki. Makto's anti-air isn't the greatest, and her special move set forces her in front of grapplers. Take stock in character placement and don't be afraid to focus on combinations and whip out Tanden Renki whenever possible. Tanden Renki turns her skin almost as red as Hakan's, and in the process, gives you a decent power boost that can turn the tide of a match in seconds.

Need information on other new characters? Stay tuned. Over the next few days we'll do more guides on the rest of the fresh entrants in "Super Street Fighter 4."

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