Exclusive: PopCap Declares Support For Apple's Game Center

Plants vs. Zombies iPhone

PopCap Games has seen enormous success on the iPhone (and now the iPad) with games like "Bejeweled 2," "Peggle" and "Plants vs. Zombies." When scrolling through the list of top-selling games on the App Store, you're likely to come across at least one of these titles.

Considering they've been such a big part of the iPhone's success as a gaming platform, I was wondering how PopCap felt about Apple's announcement of Game Center, the upcoming gaming service which will offer friends lists, achievements and matchmaking across any game that wishes to support it. Despite only knowing the basics of the service, John Vechey, the founder of PopCap Games, was open about his support for Apple's system in an interview I conducted earlier today.

"We're definitely going to support Apple in this, if that's the question. I think they're doing a great service. I get what they're doing in a way I don't get OpenFeint or Plus+. I think those actually did a good job from a technology standpoint, but the user experience, I just never understood the relevance. I think what Apple's doing, from what little I know of it, yeah, we're gonna support them. There's no question like, do we add achievements in our Xbox games? Of course we do, it's cool! The same thing with Apple. By Apple supporting it, it will then be relevant to people."

Support from one of their major developers is definitely a good sign for Apple's forthcoming Game Center, whose features appear to mimic those of Xbox Live. As John mentions, there have been a few 3rd party services that tried to fill the gap in this regard, but it would appear that those services' days are numbered.