'City of Heroes 2' Trademarked By NCSoft

City of Heroes

"City of Heroes" has gone "Rogue" and expanded to encompass "City of Villains," but NCSoft may have plans in motion to launch the game's true successor, depending on the intentions behind a trademark filing over the weekend. A hypothetical "City of Heroes 2" would have to compete with the upcoming "DC Universe Online," though Marvel has since cancelled its bit to join the superhero MMO arena.

NCSoft's newly filed application has not yet been assigned to an examining attorney, according to TARR.USPTO.gov, where the filing was spotted by Superannuation, but the title they want to own is clear.

"City of Heroes" first launched in 2004, so a true sequel would not step on any heels by coming out in the near future. NCSoft, of course, is under no obligation to make such a game even if the trademark goes through. They may just want to have the rights clearly stored in their back pocket for a rainy day. However, with big guns like DC making a go at MMO's, the time could be right for some innovation in the market by someone with some experience. NCSoft surely doesn't want to see their subscribers drift away in flocks just because someone else will let them play with Superman or Green Lantern.

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