'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Xbox 360 Rumors Shot Down By BioWare

Star Wars: The Old Republic"Star Wars: The Old Republic" will be one of the highest profile MMO launches of 2011, as well as one of the most expensive projects ever for EA. That budget won't go toward recruiting subscribers on the Xbox 360, however. A leaked retail listing reportedly marked the title with a TBD 2011 release date for the console, but an official response says that just isn't in the plans at this point.

"As to why 'The Old Republic' is on that list, we have no idea but to allay any confusion, we should not be on there," BioWare community manager Sean Dahlberg wrote in a post on the official SWTOR forums.

In fact, don't expect to see "SWTOR" showing up anywhere other than the PC, which is where we've been expecting it to show up all along.

"'Star Wars: The Old Republic' is currently being developed for the personal computer (PC) using the Microsoft Windows operating system," he wrote. "While we recognize that there are other operating systems and platforms available for games today, our development is specific to the personal computer using the Windows operating system at this time."

Pulling off a large-scale MMO like this on the PC alone is a huge enough undertaking. Releasing it on the 360 as well would be quite a shocker. If it hasn't been worth doing for "World of Warcraft" yet, I can't see why a new contender would find it any more lucrative.

Would you like to see "SWTOR" give the 360 a try? Do you think EA and BioWare are making the right move sticking with the PC? Share your opinions in the comment section below.