'Heavy Rain' Adopting PlayStation Move Support

Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream co-CEO David Cage said that he might have a "Heavy Rain" announcement regarding the PlayStation Move soon, and that announcement appears to be that his game will adopt motion control support later this year. "Heavy Rain" was original designed for the Move, but since it beat Sony's new peripherals to stores by the better part of a year, that command system wasn't integrated at launch. The game and the Move will reportedly be reunited, however, by the end of 2010.

Sony confirmed for the Belgian magazine Chief that "Heavy Rain" will work with the Move this fall, according to Eurogamer. A downloadable update would be the most likely way to make that happen.

Now that the Move and its library of games are public knowledge for the most part, I've got to wonder if we'll see any other titles coming out of the woodwork with such updates. Cage went on the record earlier about "Heavy Rain," but there could be some surprises waiting if other games decide to take a similar post-release path.

Gesture controls should weave into the gameplay in "Heavy Rain" quite seamlessly in theory. Some new DLC to showcase the controls in some new story material would be extra-sweet, too. But surely Quantic Dream and Sony have already contemplated this.

Will you play through "Heavy Rain" again if it adopts move support this fall? Would you like to see some DLC come out for the game when the Move hits stores? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.