'FEAR 3' Better Not Be Called 'F3AR'


A Spanish-language gaming magazine had a teaser for their next issue which featured a full page shot of some art from "FEAR 3." I call it "FEAR 3" but the artwork calls it something entirely different.

Audible sigh.

I've reached out to Warner Bros. to see if the next game in the "FEAR" franchise will indeed be called "F3AR," and I'm really hoping this is just some horrible Spanish-language mix-up.

This is not the first time a game has used "leet speak" in a title. The third installment in the "Driver" franchise was called "DRIV3R" and we all remember how well that turned out. I'm not saying leet speak made it suck, but it certainly didn't help matters.

At least the "FEAR" series has experience with name changes. The second game was initially called "Project Origin" until Monolith and Warner wrangled the naming rights from Sierra. Just remember, it's never too late to make a change for the better.