'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' Lampoons 'Modern Warfare 2' Marketing Gaffe

Battlefield Bad Company 2

In the weeks leading up to the release of "Modern Warfare 2," Activision and Infinity Ward released a promotional video featuring Phillies pitcher, Cole Hamels, and a pretty inappropriate slur. Activision reacted swiftly by taking the video down and apologizing, but the damage was done.

Seems that EA and DICE, makers of "Battlefield: Bad Company 2," aren't going to let such a gaffe go by without taking the opportunity to bash their competitor a little bit, so they released their own video starring Yankees pitcher, CC Sabathia. Both videos discourage the use of random grenade tossing, but EA's cleverly avoids offending large portions of the gaming community.

There is some mild profanity, though, so you'll have to check out the video on the official Battlefield blog.

It's not the first time "Battlefield: Band Company 2" has stuck it to "Modern Wafare 2." Peppered throughout the game's campaign are subtle digs to Activision's title, with the protagonists mocking snow mobiles and heart beat sensors. Nothing like some good-natured ribbing to keep things interesting, right?

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