'Gears of War 3' Possible For 2011, No Epic Games In 2010

Gears of War 2

If "Gears of War 3" sits high on your wishlist this year, you're probably just going to have to settle for watching "The Hurt Locker" or checking out the character guest appearances in "Lost Planet 2," because rumors point toward a release sometime in 2011. Microsoft reportedly wants to avoid competing with itself toward the end of the year — or perhaps at all this year in Epic's case, since they don't have any games slated for 2010.

"Microsoft's keen to avoid a clash with 'Halo: Reach' and wants Natal to own Christmas," an anonymous source told Edge. "That's why we won't be seeing 'Gears Of War 3' until next year, but expect a major marketing push ahead of its release."

Really, would you want to make choices between "Halo: Reach" and "Gears of War 3" if they launched at the same time anyway? Microsoft may be doing you a solid, and this whole scenario means "Gears 3" will have plenty of time to incubate with its developers and get plenty of one-on-one time.

"We don't have any games coming out in 2010," Epic Games VP Mark Rein said at GDC last week, according to G4. That means "Gears" has to be the center of attention now, right? Let's hope they make 2010 count behind the scenes.

Are you OK with "Gears of War 3" launching in 2011? Would you rather see it appear when Project Natal does for the holiday? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.