'Torchlight' Looking For A Way Onto Consoles


"Torchlight" did a few things better than Blizzard's "Diablo" series, and the action RPG's makers have one more trick in mind that "Diablo" tried out on the PlayStation -- transitioning onto consoles. The games' developers haven't ported the game yet, but it sounds like they're pushing hard to get one out.

"We're going to put some serious effort into it -- pretty quick -- getting 'Torchlight' onto consoles," Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer told The Rumble Pack. "There's a lot of really cool things about the console world, too, that would work well with our game."

"Torchlight" is a really beautiful piece of work, but even though its control scheme distinguishes itself from "Diablo" in a few key areas, it will need some smart retooling to move smoothly on the 360 or PS3. Even a Wii edition would take some general concept tinkering, but I could see the Move and Wii Remote providing some key solutions.

The game would be worth the effort, though, so I hope they're successful. Their work would no doubt provide a great case study for future PC-to-console ports and would give the game an increased level of exposure.

Would you like to see "Torchlight" on consoles? Do you think a console port makes sense? Share your reactions in the comment section below.