Sony's 'God of War 3' Bill Comes To $44 Million

God of War 3

How much would you pay to to make "God of War 3"? Well, there's a reason indie developers need help covering production costs. A Sony representative seemed very proud when he revealed that the total cost of creating "God of War 3" should come out to about $44 million when all is said and done.

"We are stamping discs now, so we’re effectively done. Just got a couple of countries that we’re finishing up on this week and we spent $44 million to make God of War III," Sony Santa Monica director of product development John Hight told Giant Bomb. Don't make any brash assumptions though. "Believe it or not, that's right within budget," he said.

Video game budget revelations barely make me flinch anymore, and with "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" eclipsing that magic $1 billion revenue mark, don't be surprised to see more lavish expenditures of this kind brought to light. Marketing takes cash rolls and developers have to feed their kids and find dependable babysitters when they stay out late at the office fine-tuning gameplay on deadline.

So was it worth all the moola? From the review Russ gave "God of War 3," it sounds like it might be if you are a hearty individual.

Do you think "God of War 3" is $44 million good? Does the game's budget shock you at all? Share your reactions in the comment section below.