Xbox Live Now Allows For Sexual Orientation In Profile, Gamertag

Xbox Live

There's been a fair amount of controversy surrounding the Xbox Live's Code of Conduct, concerning what you can and can't say on the service. One of the more hot button issues was the ban of anyone declaring their sexual preference in their profile or Gamertag. It's been a point of contention between Microsoft and users for some time, with Microsoft saying that it could lead to harassment, while users just wanted to express who they were.

Well, apparently the users have won. Today Microsoft announced that they've updated their Code of Conduct to allow people to indicate their sexual preference in their profile or Gamertag. Worth noting that you can't just say any ol' thing. The following terms are now allowed:

* Lesbian

* Gay

* Bi

* Transgender

* Straight

Other terms, including slang, are still no go and will result in a ban and/or a forced Gamertag name change.

We'll have to wait and see if this causes any blow back. Surely there will be some harassment by morons, but that's the internet for you. Thankfully there's recourse, ranging from the Mute option to submitting a negative player review.

You can read the full Xbox Live Code of Conduct here.