'Blur' DLC Coming, But Not At Launch


"Blur" saw several extra months in development thanks to a delayed release date from Activision and Bizarre Creations, and everyone involved wants to see the game as polished as possible when it reaches the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on May 25th in the U.S. With all of the various race settings, power-ups and tracks from Barcelona to Tokyo, you have to wonder where they'll look first for downloadable content. Bizarre wasn't ready talk about what the DLC for "Blur" will look like, but they want to begin work after they've finalized the core game.

"I don't have any dates for DLC, but what I can say is it's always been a massive part of the strategy to support the game with DLC," "Blur" lead designer Ged Talbot told MTV News.

Talbot's team will be fine-tuning "Blur" in the coming weeks as its multiplayer beta test continues on Xbox Live. Right now, that's where the "Blur" developers' studio hours are focused. Once the game hits stores, that may change.

"We do have plans for DLC," he assured. "Again, no one has worked on it yet."

With more than 30 race locations and 50 cars already planned for the title, it's going to take a while for players to burn through the initial payload of content, so there's probably no rush. Right now, I'd settle for a crack at single player mode, having only played the multiplayer demo. After this game hits the masses, I'll be interested to see which components Bizarre chooses to build off of.

What's your impression of "Blur" at this point? Do you think you'll check it out this May? Share your reactions in the comment section below.