New 'Call Of Duty' Coming In 2011 From 'Dead Space' Devs

Call of Duty

There's a lot going on in the world of "Call of Duty" today. Earlier, in a shocking turn of events, the two studio heads of Infinity Ward were dismissed by Activision, and it's likely to be related to the news that's been released today, dealing with the future of the "Call of Duty" franchise.

Activision announced today that, in addition to two "Modern Warfare 2" map packs and a full retail release from Treyarch later this year, there will be another "Call of Duty" franchise coming in 2011, and it won't be developed by Infinity Ward.

Sledgehammer Games, formed by former members of EA's "Dead Space" development team, will be helming a new "Call of Duty" game, which is said to bring the franchise into the action-adventure genre. That sounds like marketing speak for 3rd person shooter (ala "Splinter Cell"), but that's just me speculating.

Worth noting that this doesn't rule out the possibility of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" coming in 2011, and that it's still possible that Infinity Ward will develop that title, but given the recent shake-up over there, it's doubtful we'll be seeing the return of Soap McTavish anytime soon.

In addition to the new game announcement, Activision has started a new business group to handle all "Call of Duty"-related franchises under one roof, in an effort to protect what has become a very lucrative franchise for the company.