'Mad Men' Actor To Star In 'LA Noire,' Likes To Skip Cutscenes

Ken Cosgrove

A few months ago we took a look at the casting call for "LA Noire." Well, it looks like they found their man. According to an article in this month's Game Informer, Aaron Stanton will play Cole Phelps, the protagonist of the game. Stanton will be familiar to fans of "Mad Men," as he plays the unassuming, invariably cheery account man, Ken Cosgrove.

Apparently Stanton is familiar with Rockstar's work:

"Yeah, I've played most of [Rockstar's games]. I played all the 'Grand Theft Autos.' My favorite was 'Vice City.' As far as open-world games, or anything with a story, in the past, I've usually skipped the cutscenes to go into the gameplay. Which is a funny thing, but I'm just being honest."

Stanton goes on to say that effort is being made to make the cutscenes more tied into the gameplay. "[This game] is about trying to enhance the experience and bring those two together into a singular experience, rather than two seperate things, where you're playing, then you put the controller down and watch."

Stanton isn't the only "Mad Men" vet that's working on the game. Michael Uppendahl will be handling the directing of the actors in the game, which is appropriate given that he's directed a number of "Mad Men" episodes.

There's plenty of additional "LA Noire" info in the article, which is on news shelves now.