'NBA Jam' For Xbox 360 And PS3 Appears And Disappears


Mistakes on résumés and online profiles happen all of the time, but unlike accidental "Single" or "In an Open Relationship" listings on Facebook, LinkedIn profile errors can cause more than just your significant other to wonder what you've been up to. "NBA Jam" was announced "for the Nintendo Wii" in January, and since then it's been assumed to be a Wii exclusive. One of the game's engineers at EA indicated it might be more than that on her profile, however, before questions showed up and those details were changed to corroborate Wii-only plans.

Software engineer Andrea Schiel's LinkedIn profile listed "NBA Jam" for the Wii, 360 and PS3, according to VG247 and a screen grab posted at All Games Beta.

EA's original press release about "NBA Jam" didn't use the term "exclusive" to describe its Wii release. Rather, it only announced that the game would be made for the Wii. This probably means the LinkedIn incident was the result of one of three scenarios: First, Schiel, or whoever maintains her profile may have just made a typo. Alternatively, the game might have been developed for multiple platforms, and she just forgot that the title was switched to being a Wii-exclusive. Thirdly, however, there could be a 360/PS3 launch planned after "NBA Jam" comes out on the Wii.

Yes, there are probably other plausible scenarios as well, but until we hear from Schiel or someone else familiar with her LinkedIn profile maintenance, we may never know for sure.

Would you like to see "NBA Jam" on the 360 and PS3? Do you think such plans might be in the works behind the scenes? Share your predictions in the comment section below.