'God Of War 3' Takes Up 35 Gigs...Yay?

God of War 3

We've already spoken to Sony Santa Monica regarding just how long they expect it'll take people to finish "God of War 3." But just how BIG is it? And by size I mean actual bits and bytes. Well, according to Tim Moss, the director of technology at the studio, it's very big. Moss wrote the following in his Twitter this weekend:

"#GOW3 35Gb of goodness. Thank heavens for Dual Layer Blu-Rays"

While I'm looking forward to "God of War 3" with great vigor, I can't say the disc size does wonders for my enthusiasm. Remember when the developers of "Heavenly Sword" made a huge deal about how they couldn't have made this game on anything but the PS3 since the file size was so huge? And the game came out and wasn't very good. So, for once, size doesn't matter.

I'm more interested in just how much loading and install time there will be in "God of War 3." After "Heavy Rain" featured a 15-minute install time, followed by 3-minute pre-level loads, it's clear just how much a poorly-streamed game can disrupt the flow of the experience.

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