New 'Tecmo Bowl' Is Definitely Still Coming

Tecmo Super Bowl

"Tecmo Bowl Throwback" may not be an official title yet as far as Tecmo is concerned, but the ESRB definitely knows about it. An anonymous source leaked some details in January about the rumored PSN and XBLA release, and now the ESRB has done the same. Their entry may not be as scandalously written as the "Mature" justification for "Dead or Alive: Paradise," but it does describe the cheerleading attire we should be prepared to see.

"This is a top-down arcade-style football game in which players compete against teams around the country to become the 'Tecmo Bowl Champion,'" a reviewer wrote for the game's listing on "Some of the football highlights are depicted in animated cutscenes (with better graphics); a few non-football highlights depict cheerleaders wearing low-cut tops while dancing. And a jumbotron screen displays a 2D swimsuit model with some exposed cleavage."

"Throwback" managed to juke the exposed cleavage accusation and squeeze through into the end zone with an Everyone rating, according to the ESRB, so the family-friendly integrity of the "Tecmo Bowl" series looks like it has been preserved. Also, we now have confirmation that the graphics are "better."

Now, someone just needs to make a public play-call on a release date for this puppy.

How do you feel about a "Tecmo Bowl" revival? Are you surprised by the ESRB's rating justification? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.