'Battlefield Bad Company 2' Features 'Mass Effect 2'-Style DLC Access Code, In-Game Store

Battlefield Bad Company 2

When you buy "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" early next month, each new copy will include a "VIP" code which will allow you to access the game's downloadable content. I spoke with Patrick Bach, the senior producer on "Bad Company 2," to find out just what sort of DLC plans the developers had in mind. Here's what he had to say:

"We want people to insert the code they get when they buy the game to get access to [DLC content]. It's connected to your personal account, more or less, and what we want to do is give you something extra, added value, for that. In the future you will get more content, for free, if you have this VIP code."

Bach went on to confirm that the system is similar to that of the in-game "Cerberus System" used in "Mass Effect 2," which also offers free DLC.

Once you enter the code in "Bad Company 2," you'll be able to access an in-game store which lists all current and upcoming DLC in the near future. This includes free DLC that will be available on launch day, which will be a set of new multiplayer maps.

It appears that the VIP code will be attached to your EA.com account, which is something that caused a bit of headache surrounding the launch of "Mass Effect 2," since it's a separate system from Xbox Live and PSN. Hopefully some of issues that came about will be worked out before the launch of "Battlefield."

As for folks who purchase "Battlefield Bad Company 2" used, they'll have to pay for VIP access (again, just like "Mass Effect 2"). That price point isn't locked down yet, but $15 seems to be the standard that EA has set for these sort of codes.