'StarCraft 2' Beta Testing FAQ Leaked?


Blizzard announced a host of changes to Battle.net that will affect "StarCraft 2" and other future releases, but they haven't gone on the record with much official info on the "StarCraft 2" beta test that was delayed into 2010 after a tentative rollout deadline expired last year. A purportedly legit FAQ showed up on the Internet yesterday, however, and it may or may not answer a few questions.

Beta access code holders from past Blizzard events and new applicants will have separate processes to go through in order to get in on testing, according to the document post on StarCraft-Source.com. In addition to noting "multiplayer ladder quick" matches with "1v1, 2v2, and free-for-all (FFA) modes" and "unranked custom matches" for the beta, the FAQ also mentions a forthcoming Mac beta test and explains how friend-adding will work.

I see two reasons to believe this document could be the real deal. First, its emergence coincides with the Battle.net alterations Blizzard unloaded last week. It would make sense that certain features might have remained tentative until the Battle.net framework was finalized. Second, many of the answers on there are ambiguous "we don't know yet" and "wait and see" types of responses that don't give a whole lot away.

Then again, since it doesn't come from official Blizzard communication, there's a good chance anything in the FAQ could be tentative or outdated, since a leaked set of details doesn't create any binding policies for them. Don't take it as gospel, but if you want in on the "StarCraft 2" tests, you should give it a look.

Do you see anything in the "StarCraft 2" FAQ that looks surprising? Do you think it's real? Sound off in the comment section below.