'Castle Crashers' Developer Officially Reveals 'BattleBlock Theater'

BattleBlock Theater

"Castle Crashers" remains one of the most successful downloadable games of all time, so it's with great anticipation that we await the release of the developer's next game. Up until now we've only known it as "Game 3" ("Alien Hominid" and "Castle Crashers" being "1" and "2"). But The Behemoth has finally given their next game an official title and it is..."BattleBlock Theater." Sure, why not.

As we've seen in preview events for "Game 3," "BattleBlock Theater" is a multiplayer-centric platformer that seems to encourage competition as well as cooperation. The new title seems to imply an arena of sorts, giving an almost "Mad Max"ian vibe to the proceedings (despite the ultra cute art style).

Along with the title announcement came the most epic trailer of 2010:

That being said, I'm pretty sure you could put that music behind any movie trailer ("The Blind Side" for example) and make it seem like a summer blockbuster from Michael Bay. By the way, someone please put that music behind "The Blind Side" trailer.

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