'Around Ten' Titles Coming for PS3 Motion Controller This Year

Playstation UI Motion Controller

While Ubisoft readies "around ten" games for Microsoft's Project Natal, it looks like the same number of games in total will be ready for Sony's PS3 motion controller by the end of 2010. The new hardware, possibly known as the "Arc" or"Gem," is scheduled to be out this fall, in time to compete with Natal's holiday season arrival, and Sony clearly wants to have a few games ready to go.

Sony intends to have "around ten or so" new games published and compatible with their motion controller by December, according to a Nikkei report translated from Japanese by Andriasang.

Ubisoft tagged their six-game commitment to Natal for "the first six months of the launch," and while there hasn't been a concrete number thrown out for its holiday lineup, "Guitar Hero 6," "Fable 3" and multiple games from Epic are reportedly in the works. Sony categorized some of their ten launch titles as sports and racing games, but they'll need to break out some big guns from a few savvy publishers if they want to go head to head with the 360 in the early days of the motion wars.

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