EA Says Tiger Woods Incidents Haven't Hurt Sales

Tiger Woods

EA has already gone on the record recommitting to their partnership with Tiger Woods and reassuring that "Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online" will proceed as planned. The same goes for their other Tiger Woods releases, and they now claim that sales figures since Woods' public problems haven't given them reason to change their forecast.

"We haven't seen an impact," EA Sports president Peter Moore told GameSpot. "We looked at December sales and then we looked at the year as a whole. The situation with Tiger unfortunately happened over the Thanksgiving holiday going into the holiday selling period, but there was no degradation of sales we could see."

That doesn't mean that Moore is above giving Tiger a few soft words of encouragement to return to the greens, however.

"Like all golf fans and people involved in the business that is Tiger Woods, we wish him the best with some of the challenges he's going through with his family right now, and we give him the privacy he asked for as regards his indefinite leave from golf," Moore explained. "But we also hope to see him back on the course as soon as possible."

There are lots of other tidbits to glean from that interview, but the general gist is that there haven't been any massive material consequences at EA yet, so don't expect to see anyone on their side rocking the boat in the near future. Revenue is revenue.

Are you surprised to hear that EA game sales weren't affected over the course of the holiday season? Do you think EA's making the right decisions with Tiger? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.