'Heavy Rain' Demo To Appear On February 11th In Europe

Heavy Rain

"Heavy Rain" hits the U.S. on February 23rd and Europe a day later on the 24th, but curious PS3 owners should get a shot at the new experiment in video game storytelling on February 11th. A demo of the new Quantic Dream title was expected, but Sony has now confirmed the date for is PSN arrival.

"Heavy Rain demo should be on the store on the 11th of Feb," the PlayStation Store's Mike Kebby on the Europe's PlayStation Blog. Kebby's reveal came in the discussion thread of a Store update, which also included a "Heavy Rain" theme available there.

The new mystery/suspense title was officially delayed last year to avoid a competitive holiday season, and a though a planned demo was already public knowledge, this is the first official confirmation of a launch date, even if it only applies to Europe. Whether or not February 11th will correspond to the U.S. as well will remain to be seen.

It's not unreasonable to expect a North American premiere around the same time, however, unless something odd and expected goes down.

Would you like to see a "Heavy Rain" demo out in advance of the game's release in the U.S.? What are your thoughts on the project at this point? Sound off in the comment section below.