First Two 'Final Fantasy' Games Announced For iPhone And iPod Touch

Final Fantasy

While some developers may be looking ahead to the Apple tablet in the coming weeks, Square Enix has dropped a juicy piece of news for the iPhone and iPod touch. In an announcement about as pared down as a Twitter haiku, the "Final Fantasy" caretakers revealed that both "FFI" and "FFII" will appear in the App Store.

"Over 20 years since the original releases, "Final Fantasy" and "Final Fantasy II" are coming to iPhone [and] iPod touch!" Square Enix posted on their downloadable games' Facebook page. That was followed by an equally simple, yet elegant official website that will currently do nothing more than stare at you while playing harp music.

The release date for the two games has not yet been revealed, but you can bet it will show up in one of these two locations once it's set. Their Facebook page does have some gorgeous looking screenshots though. I played through the "Dawn of Souls" incarnation of these games a few years back, and there's definitely been some spit-and-polish time spent updating them for the iPhone. I don't know if I'll download them to replay again in another format, but if you haven't played either of these "FF" classics at all or since they first arrived on the NES, they may be worth a few App Store dollars.

Do you think putting the early "FF" games in the App Store is a smart move? Do you think you'll check them out once their there? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.