'Titan Quest' Devs Working On New Action RPG

Grim Dawn

Although Iron Lore, the developer behind "Titan Quest," was shuttered in 2008, members of the team went on to form Crate Entertainment...because you can never have too many crates! The company's first game is called "Grim Dawn" and will follow a lot of the action/RPG tenants of "Diablo," complete with skill trees, exploration and a heavy emphasis on loot.

Though screenshots aren't yet available, the vibe that I'm getting from the art on the official "Grim Dawn" site is that the game will be much darker than "Titan Quest," with a post-apocalyptic vibe rather than a Mediterranean-paradise-with-monsters vibe.

Currently the title is planned for digital distribution on the PC, a technique recently and successfully employed by another "Diablo"-esque RPG: "Torchlight."

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