'Elder Scrolls' MMO Ready To Be Unveiled Soon?

Elder Scrolls

Bethesda was supposed to announce a mystery MMO last year that never came to light, and some recent court filings suggested that the title might be a secret MMO not related to the "Fallout" series. Well, the new word on the Internet is that Bethesda's project is an "Elder Scrolls" MMO in the tradition of "World of Warcraft," and an announcement may be on its way soon.

The new title should be "very close to reveal by now,” according to an unnamed source speaking to VG247. Bethesda's official response was no comment, but the anonymous mole confirmed that the new game will be set in the "Elder Scrolls" universe.

Court documents from Bethesda's ongoing case regarding Interplay's "Fallout" MMO stated that the mystery game has sucked up “tens of millions of dollars” in investment and employed “close to a hundred people,” so something will surely have to be announced eventually if all of that money is going to be recouped.

Since the title was slated to be made public last year, Bethesda would presumably like to catch up with their deadlines sooner rather than later, even if the game doesn't come out in 2010.

Would you like to see Bethesda's unnamed game turn out to be an "Elder Scrolls" MMO? Do you want to see it come out in 2010? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.