Studio Director: 'God Of War 3' Over 10 Hours Long

God of War 3

At a recent event in New York City, I had some time to speak with John Hight, the studio director of Sony Santa Monica. Yes, those are the "God of War" folks. The interview had a wide range of topics, but because people generally freak out about this sort of thing, the topic of game length came up. The length of "God of War 3," to be specific. Here's the transcript of my conversation with John:

John Hight: We've done a lot of play testing on it. We know, for a really hardcore player, it'll take them longer than it took them to play either of the previous "God of War" games.

MTV Multiplayer: Longer than seven hours?

JH: Oh yeah.

MTV: Considerably longer than seven hours?

JH: I think so.

MTV: Is ten…um…longer? [This is me trying to be sneaky]

JH: Ten is longer, but ten might not be considerably longer! [laughs] It's more than 10 hours.

That's quite a jump from the first two games, which were between 6 and 8 hours long, give or take your skill. Then again, game lengths tend to be a little inflated by developers. Remember when Gearbox said it would take 100 hours to get to level 50 in "Borderlands"?