Apple Announcement Coming January 27th, Tablet Expected

Apple Tablet

After many, many rumors claiming that we'd be seeing Apple's take on the Tablet PC at the end of the month, Apple has gone ahead and scheduled a press conference at the end of the month. The subject of the press conference is not specified (as is their way), but you can be sure it'll be exploding the internet next Wednesday as people try to live-cast every second of it.

If you're asking yourself what makes this Apple presser different from other Apple pressers, it's all about the prospect of new hardware from Apple. The last major hardware addition (not counting subsequent updates to hardware lines) was the iPhone, and we all know how that one turned out. It's doubtful that a tablet would become nearly as ubiquitous as the iPhone (after all, it wouldn't fit in a least, I think it wouldn't), but it's still a pretty big deal and I'm definitely looking forward to what they put forth.

I wasn't super psyched about any of the CES tablets, but Apple always knows how to turn that techlust screw in peoples' heads.