Tim Gunn of 'Project Runway' Critiques Super Mario's Fashion Sense

Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn of TV's "Project Runway" knows quite a bit about the world of fashion. Video games...not so much, as evidenced by his enthusiastic but ultimately less than exemplary performance on "Big Buck Safari" (pictured). But he does seem to have an opinion on Super Mario's classic overalls and work boots. We sat down with him to get his take on the gaming world's most famous look. By the way, this may be my favorite video ever:

(A brief side-note about the "Big Buck" picture: Tim Gunn is a huge supporter of PETA. It took some cajoling to convince him to play a game in which you shoot digital animals with a large plastic gun, but my argument was basically that it would discourage the hunting of REAL animals which is, after all, way more important. So PETA, if you're reading this, Tim is still all for the animals. If you want to blame someone, blame me and my evil pro-digital hunting agenda.)

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