Exclusive: 'Clash Of The Titans' Director Not Involved In Tie-In Game, Wants To Make 'Metal Gear'-Style Game

Clash of the Titans

Louis Leterrier, the director the upcoming remake of "Clash of the Titans," is a pretty hardcore gamer, and, given Namco Bandai's upcoming release of a tie-in video game, we were curious just how involved he was in the game. Apparently not very involved, but it's not due to disinterest.

"I'd love to be involved...they're just far, far away from me. To be frank, I would have said 'Yeah, lets do it!' and then have too much work."

Turns out, though, that working on a movie franchise game isn't really what Leterrier is interested in pursuing.

"If I work on a game, I want to work on a game game. It's kinda hard to work on a movie and on your game at the same time. When James Cameron or Peter Jackson do that I'm always surprised. That's impressive, just find the time to do all that stuff."

Leterrier went on to talk about just what sort of game he'd like to design, as well as some titles that have inspired him over the years.

"There's so much freedom in games these days. There's no limit to the story that you can tell in games. Take 'BioShock,' for example, or 'Lost Planet.' It transposes you to another planet. The first game that I was hooked on was 'Metal Gear Solid.' I needed to know what was happening. That's what I'd love to do, something with great storytelling and interactive play."

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