Charity Raises $1.7M To Give Video Games To Sick Kids

Child's Play

The video game industry is often the target of slings and arrows, with fingers pointed and angry voices proclaiming that children are sustaining irreparable harm from its products. If you're one of those angry voices, you probably aren't be reading this blog and are, at least partially, lame.

Thankfully, you are reading this blog and you know that video games aren't pure evil. In fact, they're sometimes the source of substantial good in the world. Case in point: the Child's Play charity, which seeks to raise money so that kids in hospitals can enjoy free video games and maybe make their lives a bit brighter. The guys from Penny Arcade started it back in 2003 and since then have accepted millions in donations from gamers around the world.

2009 was another record year for the charity, which collected 1.7 million bucks. That's a lot. Here are some things you can buy with that much moolah:

5,600 Xbox 360 Elites or PS3 Slims

8,500 Wiis

Over 10,000 Nintendo DSis

Over 28,300 Xbox 360 or PS3 Games

34,000 Wii Games

Over 56,000 DS Games

Three cheers to the Penny Arcade guys for stepping it up again in 2009 and bravo to everyone that donated. Even in a bad economy, the love of video games must be spread!