'Darksiders' Screen Tearing Fix Incoming

Screen Tearing

Screen tearing (exemplified in the above image from the handy Wiki page on the matter) is all over the Xbox 360 version of "Darksiders." In fact, it was prevalent enough to warrant including it as one of the negatives in my review of the game.

Well, the folks at Vigil Games have heard the complaints loud and clear. Joe MMMMMM, the creative director at Vigil, said the following in an interview with IGN: "It's something that's really not a difficult fix for us and so we're going to implement a patch to resolve the problem. We're fairly certain it'll happen really soon so look out for it."

If it's not really a difficult fix it kinda makes me wonder how something so blatent was able to make it into the final version of the game. But hey, that's how the apocalypse crumbles, I guess.