Nyko's New Wii Wand+ Packs Built-In MotionPlus

Nyko Wand

Nyko one-upped Nintendo at CES in Las Vegas this week with their newly announced Wand+ for the Wii. The controller comes pre-loaded with built-in Wii MotionPlus technology, meaning you won't need to plug in an extra attachment at the bottom as you do with Nintendo's controllers.

The device, which ships in March, will also come with the added functionality of button re-mapping, according to Joystiq. That means you can reassign Wiimote buttons to other Nyko accessories as you please. And at $39.99, it will save you the extra $20 you'd have to lay down to pick up both a regular Wiimote and attachment.

Some Wii owners will of course prefer to stick with their Nintendo-manufactured Wiimotes, but Nyko has packaged this contender competitively.

The peripherals manufacturer also unveiled variant black and 4-controller Charge Base IC's in Vegas, as well as a new $19.99 Intercooler for the PS3 Slim due out in February and a remote control/USB hub called the Media Hub Slim, which should ship in April at the same price.

I'll need to try the Wand+ out in the wild the wild before I sign off on it, but Nyko's charger has been great to me for the couple of years I've used it. If the usability matches the value, it should be worth consideration for anyone needing new Wii controllers.

Do you use any Nyko accessories for your Wii? Do you think their new Wand+ is a good deal? Sound off in the comment section below.