Control A Mini Predator Drone With Your iPhone

Parrot AR

Alternate reality games haven't really come into their own, at least on the iPhone. Most of them consist of pointing the camera and shooting invisible creatures for meaningless points. If the Parrot AR.Drone is as cool as it appears in the below video, though, alternate reality games are about to become a lot more interesting.

Imagine a mini helicopter with a video camera that you fly with your iPod Touch or iPhone. The helicopter sends the video signal back to the device via WiFi, letting you pilot without line-of-sight, and the controls use familiar accelerometer tilts to keep the Parrot AR airborne. And, as an added bonus, if you stop hitting the touch screen, the chopper's autopilot will stabilize itself, keeping things up in the air until you return to the rudder.

Check out the promo video, which looks decidedly awesome:

As you can see, flight is only half the story. The chopper will come with a series of minigames which play out like today's alternate reality games, but from the point of view of the Parrot AR itself. You can even duel against another Parrot AR.Drone. Nifty!

No pricing or release info have been detailed, as CES was the technology's premiere, but we'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.