Treyarch Building Story For 'Call of Duty 7' In Vietnam?


Rumblings about "Call of Duty 7" going to Vietnam aren't new, but recent rumors corroborate such plans for Treyarch's Winter 2010 title. Though everything at this point is pure speculation, leaked details point predictably to a game based on popular movies.

Films such as "Platoon," "Apocalypse Now" and "Full Metal Jacket" will provide inspiration for the new sequel, according to unnamed sources in a report over at The game is expected to pull heavily from advancements made with the "Modern Warfare" games and take a character-centric approach to the main character's fellow squadron members.

Every time I hear about a new FPS set in Vietnam I get bad flashbacks to that old Build engine game "NAM" that came out after "Duke Nukem 3D." If Treyarch just looks at that and decides to make every creative decision in the opposite direction, they may have a solid game on their hands. Instant-heal med packs lying scattered throughout the jungle seemed to run counter to most of the real-life Vietnam stories I've heard about. Obviously there will be concession to gameplay as there are in any war simulator, but in all seriousness, Vietnam is going to be a massive and complex beast for Treyarch to tackle if these reports turn out to be correct.

Would you like to see the next "Call of Duty" game set in Vietnam? What direction do you think Treyarch should choose for their new sequel? Sound off in the comment section below.