Google Launches The 'Nexus One' Mobile Phone: What You Need To Know

Nexus One

Google has announced that their next entry into the mobile phone space will be the Nexus One. Manufactured by HTC, the Nexus One will utilize Google's Android operating system, which should be familiar to any recent Motorola Droid purchasers. For HTC this will be the seventh Android-powered mobile phone.

In terms of technical specs, the Nexus One will feature the following:

- A 3.7-inch AMOLED display

- A Snapdragon Processor

- Multi-colored trackball which lights up when different events occur

- Light/proximity sensors, as well as compass and accelerometer support


- 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, which can also shoot MPEG4 video (plus one-click uploads to YouTube, natch)

- Stereo Bluetooth with active noise cancellation

- Case is thinner than a #2 pencil

The Nexus One will come packed with Android 2.1, which means it should have equal functionality with the Motorola Droid's feature-set.

For pricing, you can purchase a Nexus One for $530 without a service plan (basically letting you choose your own provider or migrate your current service, assuming the SIM card is compatible). If you buy one through T-Mobile it'll cost $180, but you'll have to sign up for a service plan.

While T-Mobile will have launch exclusivity in terms of retail partners, Verizon and Vodaphone will start selling service plans (with a discount on the phone) in Spring 2010.

Gamers didn't get anything from Google in terms of considering the Nexus One as a gaming platform (as the iPhone and iPod Touch have become), but you can expect that any games (and other apps) currently available on the Android Market will be compatible with the Nexus One.

To get the full rundown from Google, check out the brand new Nexus One homepage.