New 'Frogger' World Record Shatters George Costanza's Dreams


The new year brings with it new hopes, dreams and high scores in "Frogger." Arcade high score regulating site, Twin Galaxies, has confirmed that Pat Laffaye of Westport, Connecticut managed to nab 896,980 points in "Frogger," thus becoming the current world record holder.

It's a noteworthy achievement with an added element of pop culture fun. "Seinfeld" fans will recall George Costanza's devotion to the amphibian survival game, managing an impressive 860,630 at a local pizza parlor. The score was made up by the show's writers but, until Laffaye came along, no one had managed to beat it.

Congrats to Pat and his undying dedication to a near-dead franchise. Sadly he probably won't be getting his own documentary anytime soon, but at least he'll enjoy this current 15 minutes.