'Modern Warfare 2' Wins Most Pirated Game Of 2009 Honors

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" raked in a pile of cash this year with a $310 million first day on the market. The game went on to pass the $500 million mark in its first week, but the crown for best-selling game of 2009 has come with another honor -- Most Illegally Downloaded Game of 2009.

The PC edition of "MWF 2" alone saw more than 4.1 million unauthorized BitTorrent downloads in 2009, according to TorrentFreak. The 360 edition reportedly trailed with 970,000 BitTorrent downloads, but still captured the top slot for its console handily.

The extent to which Infinity Ward dissuaded PC users from pirating by switching to the new IWNet system looks minimal from these results, though no one should be surprised that a game as popular as "MWF 2" received this kind of interest.

"New Super Mario Bros." led the Wii, meanwhile, nabbing 1,150,000 illegal downloads and managing to oust the May-released "Punch-Out!!" from the top spot. The fact that "NSMB" and "MWF 2" both shipped in November makes their downloading activity all the more impressive. I don't have quotes from Activision or Nintendo on the matter, but I'm sure they're decidedly unimpressed these numbers.

Are you surprised to see how many times "MWF 2" was torrented in 2009? Do you think the game's sales were impacted? Share your thoughts in the comment section below."

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