'Final Fantasy XIV' Character Editor Allows Skintone And Breast Adjustment

'Final Fantasy XIV' character editor

Even before "Final Fantasy XIII" reached stores in Japan last week, Square Enix began rolling out a few glimpses of their MMO follow-up, "Final Fantasy XIV." Some screenshots and gameplay video unveiled this year showed up what kind of world and monsters you can look forward to seeing, but the game's character editor will let you decide what you look like swinging your sword at those beasts -- and what color your miniskirt is. Oh, and you can adjust breast sizes.

My inability to speak Japanese prevents me from know exactly what the implications are of the zoomed-in pictures of breasts beyond size management, but the game does appear to offer some options for editing standard traits like skin, hair and eye color, in addition to its skirts, according to scans from the latest issue of Famitsu shown over on Kotaku. Tattoos and facial scars will reportedly also be found among the game's customizable traits.

The two leaked pages do not reveal whether or not size-altering controls will be available for such personal areas on male characters, but for a certain demographic of "Final Fantasy" players, this news will obviously have an appeal.

What kinds of character traits would you like to be able to alter in "Final Fantasy XIV"? What you think of the newly revealed options? Share your reactions in the comment section below.