'Muscle March' Heating Up WiiWare This Winter

Muscle March

Put any doubts you may had that Namco Bandai's "Muscle March" might not make it to North America to rest. The beefcake-stuffed game has now been confirmed for a U.S. WiiWare release sometime this winter. That means that barely clothed bodybuilder silliness may soon be yours for the taking.

"Muscle March" premiered in Japan and demands that players learn a combination of Wii controller gestures to chase done a protein supplement thief by breaking through walls and various other obstacles. Though it sold for 800 Wii Points in Japan, that price tag has not yet been verified for American buyers.

Part bodybuilding satire, part dance/action game and mostly ridiculous, this game let you select from several playable dudes, as well as a polar bear -- in case all of that exposed skin isn't to your liking. Multiplayer mode allows for up to four simultaneous participants in a game of follow-the-leader like you've never played before in your life.

"Muscle March" is destined to either become a cult title or be lost on the American public entirely. Whichever outcome we see this winter, entertainment is sure to be had.

Will "Muscle March" have a place on your Wii menu? How do you think the game will do in the U.S.? Share your reactions in the comment section below.