EA Has The 'Call of Duty' FPS Crown On Its List For Santa Claus

Medal of Honor

When "Medal of Honor" goes to Afghanistan next year, EA wants to see some big returns. Not only do they have their eyes on the big earnings "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" raked in this month. They want to usurp Infinity Wards's status as the biggest name in first-person shooters. There's obviously a bit of nostalgia at work as the company looks back ten years ago when "Medal of Honor" was top dog, but EA believes they have the gameplay to back up their aspirations.

"I'm not saying it's going to happen tomorrow, but in the way that Activision sort of alternates sequels of 'Modern Warfare' and 'Call of Duty' and owns the leadership position in FPS [first-person-shooter], between 'Medal of Honor' and 'Battlefield,' I want it back," EA CEO John Riccitiello told Kotaku. "And we're going to get there with innovation and quality."

The stars seemed to be aligned this year for the record-breaking success "MW2" achieved, and Riccitiello realizes that his quest is going to take time. But he thinks his franchise will have a few things going for it in 2010 to begin EA's siege.

"We think we've got an advantage over 'Modern Warfare 2' with our multiplayer," he said. "The guys at DICE do that really, really well."

It's great that Riccitiello believe in his product, but "MW2" sales marks will be a high standard to strive for next year. Who knows, though? There are obviously a lot of petition-signing PC gamers out there who may be interested in a new FPS franchise of choice.

Do you think "Medal of Honor" will be able to top "MW2"? Does EA have realistic expectations? Share your reactions in the comment section below.