'Custer's Revenge' And 'The Saboteur': There's Nudity In The First 5 Seconds Of Both

The Saboteur

The morally disgusting "Custer's Revenge" has one thing in common with EA's "The Saboteur." I didn't mention it in my review, but it may be important for those looking to pick this game up for the young ones: Apart from the ability to stab people and bash their brains in with the butt of your machine gun, there's nudity. And, like the reprehensible Atari game, it's the very first thing you see.

Seriously, you select "New Game," choose a difficulty level and then - pow! - boobs. It's actually a close up on one of the burlesque dancers at the Belle de Nuit, the game's home base. Keep in mind, though, that the game requires you to download the day-one DLC, "The Midnight Show," (which is free when you use the download code in the case) for you to experience the scene sans nipple-covering pasties. There's even a warning telling you to use the download code before you start playing if you want to experience all of the new "features."

So, fair warning. If grandma is over for the holidays and you want to see if this game is just like the World War II she remembers, you may have a seriously awkward moment on your hands. At least it's just bare breasts and not, you know, the encouraged rape of a Native American woman.