'Mirror's Edge' Returning For iPhone And 'Mirror's Edge 2'?

Mirror's Edge iPhone

Though a "Mirror's Edge" game for iPhone is now official and "Mirror's Edge 2" is somewhat less so, both showed up on the Internet this week. EA confirmed the iPhone edition in an announcement this morning, while the sequel showed up on an EA DICE creator's online résumé briefly before being deleted.

"Mirror's Edge" for iPhone will launch on the App Store in January, according to a press release today. The 3D game will come with 14 levels featuring the game's heroine, Runner Faith Connors. EA already put out a free "Mirror's Edge 2D" Flash game on online. The iPhone release appears to be more similar to it's console and PC predecessor, albeit with simplified graphics.

"Mirror's Edge 2," meanwhile, had been previously acknowledged by EA, but showed up on EA DICE lighting artist Oscar Carlén's website portfolio under current projects he's been working on, according to Joystiq. He also happened to list "Battlefield 3" on there before eventually removing both titles.

Considering the recent layoffs and priority rearrangements at EA, it's entirely possible that one or both of those games have since been stalled, sent elsewhere or cancelled, but considering he worked on the first "Mirror's Edge," Carlén would probably know if he was on the team for the second installment.

Do you think "Mirror's Edge" is worthy of a sequel? Do you plan on checking it out for the iPhone and iPod touch? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.