'Hook Champ' Gets An Update, You Should Buy It

Hook Champ

One of my favorite releases on the iPhone received a major update late last night, and the added content (plus the price drop down to two bucks) makes it well worth a second look.

The free update introduces a brand new playable character, Gunny, the lead hero's sidekick. She comes packing an upgradable shotgun and a whole swath of new, wearable hats. There are also four new levels added to the existing 24 and some new equipment to save you from unfortunate lava dives.

Perhaps more exciting, though, is the added OpenFeint support, which introduces achievements, and the ability to save and view your fastest lap time as a ghost (a first for the OpenFeint platform).

If you haven't had the chance to check out "Hook Champ" yet, the temporary two dollar price tag gives you exactly zero reasons to continue such folly. Rectify this immediately.